Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kudos to Channel 4's Jenny Cavnar!

Jenny Cavnar, the excellent sports reporter at Channel 4 San Diego, deserves major kudos for standing up for what she believes in.

According to a very low-rated radio station, Cavnar defended a family which prayed in a restaurant over their "$1.19 macaroni and hot dog," which is certainly their right under the U.S. Constitution.

How did this all come about?

One of the morning people on a radio station not ranked among the top 37 in San Diego gave his "fed up" for the day to the family praying over its $1.19 macaroni and hot dog plates.

He said he sent out emails to friends, and that Cavnar disagreed with his stance.

Since he didn’t know the names of the people praying over their macaroni and hot dog, he gave his "fed up" of the day to Cavnar for defending the family’s right to pray in public.

Well, since his radio station is ranked so low, this morning guy better fear for his job soon in a competitive market.

If he is given the boot, then maybe he’ll be giving thanks if his family can even eat $1.19 macaroni and hot dogs when he’s out of a job.

Then it may hit home to never criticize someone for what they can or can’t afford financially.


Doug said...

Good for Jenny Cavnar! We need more people like her to stand up for what is right!!!

Anonymous said...

Why would someone criticize others for eating a cheap meal? That's all some people can afford. Come on now!

Anonymous said...

wow; is she cute!

kareem said...

Good for her for standing up for a family's right to pray over their food. The jerk who was criticizing them needs to realize the same Constitution that gives him the right to do his rip on radio is the same one that gives that family the right to pray over their food -- no matter what it costs.

Anonymous said...

Gayle, Jacquie and Mary in Denver said Good For YOU!