Monday, April 13, 2009

MLB Season: Way too early for predictions

One week into a six-month MLB season is no time to be drawing definitive conclusions.

But based on what has happened so far:

The Washington Nationals will not go winless (well, at least, let’s hope not.)

However, Manny Acta of the Nationals will be the first manager fired.

The San Diego Padres will not win the NL West.

Manny Ramirez will not average one RBI per game for the Los Angeles Dodgers; unlike last season.

The Houston Astros will have their traditional slow start with a fast finish that is too late.

The Seattle Mariners will not win the AL West.

Neither will the Toronto Blue Jays win the AL East.

The Detroit Tigers will not go undefeated at home; but they may bounce back in the AL Central.

The Boston Red Sox will not finish last in the AL East.

Give it six months … and don’t be surprised if the standings are turned upside-down from where they are in some divisions today.

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sam said...

Why can't the Padres win the West, there are only 155 games to go, lol.