Wednesday, July 22, 2009

San Diego prep football goes dark on local TV

Word on the street has it that Channel 4 San Diego is not going to be televising weekly local high school football games this fall.

That’s really too bad; but understandable in today’s economy when sponsors are hard to come by for anything.

The San Diego Section CIF games have had a great run over the past three years on Channel 4.

In Season One, they were televised live on Thursday nights.

In Season Two, the telecasts were live on Friday nights.

Last year, in Season Three, the games were shown on tape delay Saturdays at noon.

Alternative one was the best, showing the games on Thursdays when there was no competition.

On Friday nights, most people who cared were already at a game. On Saturdays, people weren’t going to miss a live USC or UCLA game for a taped prep contest.

Here’s hoping that in a better economy, the TV games can return in 2010.

And here’s wishing that the CIF finals will continue to be televised … as they were even in the seasons preceding the weekly telecasts.

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