Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mountain West among the best in college football

One week into the college football season, the Mountain West Conference is already showing why it is among the best.

Or did you not notice that the conference was 2-0 vs. the Big 12 as:

BYU beat the then No. 3 Oklahoma Sooners, 14-13 (and knocked out returning Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford for quite some time.)

Colorado State upset the home team Colorado Buffaloes, 23-17.

Sure, it’s only one week; and there is a long way to go.

What does this prove?

Among other things, the Mountain West should be included in the BCS.

Sadly, the Big East Conference – which did not have a ranked team going into the season – gets an automatic BCS berth.

The Mountain West has three teams better than anybody in the Big East: BYU, Texas Christian and Utah.

It’s unfair that any one of those teams will have to go undefeated to get into a BCS game … yet an 8-4 team out of the Big East is an automatic BCS entrant.

Until college football goes to a playoff to determine the national champion … and includes the Mountain West in the BCS … the postseason must be considered a joke.

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kareem said...

As a strong advocate of a college playoff system I must agree wtih your blog completely. This year the Mountain West has three strongs teams and at this point it looks like the Big East may have one in Cincinnati as the Bearcats cracked the top 25 with their strong? showing against Rutgers. BYU deserves its current ranking at number nine and Utah and TCU are strong teams. All three of these teams could handle Cincinnati; in my opinion at the very least they would go 2-1. Here's hoping that some day the NCAA will come to their senses and set up a college football playoff. My fear is that the money made in the bowl system is just too good to ever let that happen.