Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dodgers don't match up well in playoffs

The Los Angeles Dodgers set an all-time franchise record this season by having 22 different pitchers earn at least one win.

Good news?

Not really.

More than anything, it only confirms the fact that the Dodgers have lots of small pieces on their pitching staff … but no ace.

Never is that more evident than in the pitching match-ups for the first two games of the National League Divisional Series vs. the St. Louis Cardinals.

Who would you rather have as your top two pitchers in the playoffs?

Journeyman Randy Wolf, an 11-game winner; and Clayton Kershaw, who finished with a .500 record?

Or Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright, both of whom have legitimate cases for winning the NL Cy Young?

About the only thing the Dodgers have going for them in the first round of the playoffs is home field advantage against the Cardinals. But let’s face it: The Dodgers earned home field advantage with wins before the All-Star break; not in September or October.

How else do you explain them losing five of six games to the lowly Pittsburgh Pirates and San Diego Padres down the stretch … when two wins during that time would have clinched the NL West division a lot earlier than Oct. 3?

The Dodgers may have the record to prove they were the best team in the league during the regular season; but that means squat come October.

It looks like a minor miracle … or Randy Wolf turning into a postseason Orel Hershiser … are the best hopes for Los Angeles in postseason 2009.


kareem said...

I don't really like the Dodgers prospects in the first two games against Carpenter and Wainwright without what other teams would consider a number one starter. But hey, they have home field advantage for a reason and hopefully it will pay off for them.

kareem II said...

I do indeed think the Dodgers are in trouble against the Cardinals two very legitimate Cy Young award contenders in Carpenter and Wainwright. These two guys would be a number one starter on any other team in baseball and the Dodgers don't really have a number one starter at this time. In a short five game series these two horses could make all the difference. All true Dodgers fans can only hope that being at home will help tremendously.

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