Monday, December 28, 2009

Say goodbye to Saints, Vikings in postseason

Say goodbye to the New Orleans Saints for the NFC playoffs.

And while you're at it, take Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings with you.

All of a sudden, it looks as if the winner of this week's Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys game will not only win the NFC East ... it may also become the favorite to win the NFC.


The Saints certainly aren't going to cut it if they can't even beat Tampa Bay at home to clinch the NFC's No. 1 seed.

And with Favre and coach Brad Childress arguing, don't expect the Vikings to go anywhere in the postseason (not to mention the fact Favre normally fades after November.)

New Orleans (13-2) won nine of its first 11 games by double digits. After a 38-17 win over New England, the Saints appeared better situated than ever to make the franchise's first run to the Super Bowl.

Since then, the Drew Brees and Saints have pulled out a pair of three-point wins over non-playoff teams and have lost two straight -- both at home -- starting with a 24-17 setback to Dallas.

Don't forget Kurt Warner and the Arizona Cardinals. They could again fly under the radar and capture the NFC for the second straight season.

As for New Orleans and Minnesota ... their runs were nice while they lasted.

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kareem said...

We can only hope that the endless hype that is Brett Farve and the playoffs will have a very short run. However I think you may be a little off on the Saints, two bad games a playoff season does not make unless of course you reside in Dallas. I think the Saints could represent the NFC in the Super Bowl but do not fall asleep on the Eagles despite their let down late yesterday. It will be an interesting post season without a doubt. How about those Cowboys back in the playoffs but I still believe that if Wade Phillips is to stay in Dallas they will have to at least make the NFC championship game if not the Super Bowl but we will see.