Sunday, January 3, 2010

BCS afraid of Texas Christian, Boise State

As sure as the Denver Broncos will always choke down the stretch, the BCS choked at the thought of having Boise State and Texas Christian University play anybody but each other this postseason.

That’s why TCU and the Broncos will meet in Monday night’s Fiesta Bowl.

Just think: If the Horned Frogs and Boise State (both non-BCS teams) were to play BCS squads, they could upset the system by both being winners.

And since the BCS excludes universities such as TCU and Boise State from automatic qualification, it would hate to see the little boys upset its big boys.

Let’s face it; both the Horned Frogs and Broncos would surely beat such BCS qualifiers as Iowa and Georgia Tech (Orange Bowl foes), as well as Sugar Bowl loser Cincinnati.

And the BCS certainly wouldn’t want the non-BCS schools playing Florida with the real possibility of the Gators being beaten by a non-BCS team.

After all, Utah (a fellow Mountain West Conference member of TCU’s) embarrassed Alabama in last year’s Sugar Bowl to finish No. 2 in the nation. And that came after the Utes beat BCS member Pittsburgh in the 2005 Fiesta Bowl.

As for Boise State? How could we ever forget the Broncos upsetting Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl on New Year’s Day 2007?

No, the BCS will not let Boise State of the Western Athletic Conference nor TCU get a shot to beat a "name" school in a BCS game.
In reality, there would be too much egg on the collective faces of BCS officials if two non-automatic qualifiers were to beat teams that gain automatic BCS berths in the same postseason.

TCU 27, Boise State 20

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kareem said...

The bowl makers where just pure dee chickens when they made this matchup. Instead of having the guts to put these two BCS busters against qualifying teams they pit them against each other. This is a no win situation for both TCU and Boise State. No matter who wins the game the BCS people will say oh well they just beat a non qualifying school. If the schedule makers would have put them up against qualifying schools they more than likely both win and put another dent into the wonderful system that is called the BCS, which at times is closer to BS. Either of these teams gives Florida a better game than Cincy did and either could beat Iowa or Ga Tech. This game should indeed be called the BS bowl because the BCS did not want them to put egg on their faces by beating qualifying teams.