Monday, August 13, 2007

Chargers: Full of mistakes

Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes.

They were the key to the game as the Chargers lost their exhibition opener Sunday night to the Seattle Seahawks, 24-16.

The Chargers:

Had 12 men on the field in the fourth quarter, allowing Seattle a second chance to kick what turned out to be the game-winning field goal. (This, after only having 10 men on the field for a previous Seahawks’ extra point.)

Fumbled four times, including one by Craig Davis on an end around destined for big yardage.

Allowed Philip Rivers to be sacked twice in two series.

Were whistled for seven penalties in the first half; five in the first quarter.

Surrendered a touchdown to Seattle’s first-string offense in its only series of the night.

"We're going in with a lot of expectations, feeling pretty good about who we are," Rivers told the Associated Press. "Not to say we haven't been getting after it hard, we have. But maybe this will say, 'Hey, guys, listen, we need to focus in a little more than maybe we think we were focusing in.' These penalties that essentially cost us the last time we were on this field, clean up some other things and move on."

From these exhibition games, there are also players you would never expect to perform so well.

The Chargers had two in particular:

Free agent Jyles Tucker out of Wake Forest recorded two special teams tackles and caused a fumble.

Free agent Nick Roach out of Northwestern was right behind Tucker on the special teams.

The exhibition season is for players like Tucker and Roach. Each enhanced his opportunity to make the regular-season roster, or at least the practice squad.


Scioscia said...


We all know the Yankees will get in, then lose to the Angels in the playoffs. What's new? (Kind of like Norv Turner-coached teams making a bunch of mistakes.

Erik said...

The Chargers didn't look very good last night. I hope Norv's a better coach than this!