Monday, August 6, 2007

ESPN's Gomez remembers roots

It’s always nice when somebody becomes nationally-known and still recognizes his roots.

Take Pedro Gomez of ESPN for example.

He’s been on the Barry Bonds beat for a couple of years now; an experience he can’t wait to get off as soon as Bonds hits another home run to break Hank Aaron’s all-time record.

Gomez still remembers where he once was, though. Over the weekend, he reminisced about covering prep sports for the San Diego Union-Tribune in 1989-90.

Rather than talk about the Bonds beat, he recalled covering the South Bay portion of San Diego.

“Is George Ohnesorgen still the football coach at Chula Vista High School?” he asked.

Actually, Ohnesorgen is now the principal at the South Bay high school.

But it’s nice for Gomez to remember his South Bay days; even while being among the media circus of 300 people following the ultra-moody Bonds.

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Kareem said...

It is good when people remember where they came from when they hit the big time like being on ESPN.