Friday, September 28, 2007

Chargers control their destiny

As poorly as the Chargers have played thus far, they still may be sitting pretty in the AFC West.

The next three weeks will tell a lot as they play the first of two rounds against division foes with games vs. Kansas City, at Denver and vs. Oakland.

Win all three and the Chargers will be in control in the AFC West, especially considering the division champion has gone 5-1 within the division each of the past three years.

Lose all three and the Chargers may be waving bye-bye to 2007.

Anything in between still leaves them up in the air when they take a bye in Week 7.

The rest of the division is not exactly on fire:

Denver has won two games by a total of four points.

Oakland’s only victory was by two points.

Kansas City scored its lone win by three points.

The AFC West was once a dominant division. Now it could better be known as the AFC Worst.

Come Sunday, the Chargers will start determining their fate when they host Kansas City.


Chargers 20, Chiefs 9


kareem said...

I would be real surprised if the Chargers did not come out of this three game set at least at 2-1. If they do that and they are 3-3 going into the bye week, that will make a lot to think about from a team that was considering the playoffs a lock when the season started.

sam said...

I don't think the Chargers can win 3 straight, not the way they're playing. If they fail this year, AJ has to go.He put them in this position.

david said...

After the collapse in the second half today, the only destiny that the Chargers have are to watch other teams run them into the ground....pass them into oblivion. Turner and Cottel have managed to destroy a team, and create a group of unrelated and unmotivated players. I suggest that the Spanos's family make the corporate decision to forfeit the rest of the games and refund the ticket holders along with the NFL TV funds they received, their money back. This team has no soul and a total lack of desire. It reflects the coaching staff....