Thursday, September 27, 2007

SDSU needs on-campus football facility

Let’s face it: The more the Chargers lose, the less chance they have of getting a new stadium because their bandwagon will fall apart if they don’t start winning.

Where does that leave San Diego State’s football program?

Without a place to play, if the Chargers don’t get a new stadium the Aztecs can share with them.

The solution for SDSU is to build an on-campus stadium, such as the Aztecs formerly had at Aztec Bowl.

San Diegans used to pack that place to watch SDSU succeed under the likes of the great Don Coryell as head coach.

A new campus stadium with about 30,000 seats would put the Aztecs on par with Mountain West Conference foes such as Colorado State and Wyoming. Both of those universities have such-sized stadiums within a long pass from campus.

The SDSU campus appears to have an area fit for a new stadium directly east of Cox Arena and north of Hardy Avenue. A couple of buildings would need to be relocated on campus, but I’m sure the theater department would also love to have a new building in the process.

There would be many advantages of playing on campus. Among them in the location we have mentioned is the fact that multitudes of students would be within walking distance of such a facility (and could certainly serve to help SDSU build a home field advantage it does not seem to have at Qualcomm Stadium.)

The former Aztec Bowl also served as a site for a high school football game of the week. A new stadium could serve as a central location for the high schools to play and could be an ideal locale for the Channel 4 San Diego telecasts on Friday night.

I’m sure the high school players would love to play at a college facility; not to mention the fact it would be a great recruiting tool for the Aztecs.

It’s never too early for SDSU officials to be planning the future. If the Chargers leave town, the Aztecs are going to be out in the cold in football … unless they come up with such a new stadium, preferably on campus.

This week’s prediction:

No. 24 Cincinnati 34, SDSU 17


jim said...

Maybe not a good idea unless the Aztecs start winning. I can't imagine them getting support for this.

Anonymous said...

The only way it happens is through donations (i.e. Kyle Turley, Az Hakim, Marshall Faulk, Kirk Morrison) give back. And that won't happen because those guys no longer have a connection to the school (like a former head coach).

Or, get money from the students. They foot the bill by adding a surcharge. However, to add such a thing, they would have to vote on it, and there isn't enough support for them to pass something like this on campus.

The school needs continuity. Win 6 games, come back the next year. Win 8, then come back and keep winnning. But that will never happen. If Chuck Long wins 8 games with SDSU, you can bet your ass a bigger conference will come calling and he will be packing his bags quicker then you can say contract extension.