Monday, December 17, 2007

Chargers beating up patsies

The Chargers have made a wonderful playoff run by putting together a four-game winning streak against teams that are a combined 2-23 down the stretch.

OK, take away the four losses against the Chargers and those teams are a combined 2-19.

Or didn’t you notice that:

The Chargers started their winning streak against a Baltimore team that has lost eight straight (and allowed Miami to win its first game of the season Sunday.)

The streak continued against Kansas City, which has lost seven straight.

Then there was a win vs. Tennessee, which has lost four of six.

And finally came Sunday’s 51-14 win against a Detroit team with six straight losses.

Clearly, there are three echelons in the AFC. New England is at Level 1, with Indianapolis and Jacksonville at Level 2. The Chargers lead a Level 3, which also includes Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

In their latest win, the Chargers had plenty to feel good about.

LaDainian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles became the first players in team history to both rush for 100 yards in a single game.

The defense forced six turnovers (five interceptions), and Antonio Cromartie set a team record with his 10th interception in a season.

Philip Rivers looked efficient at quarterback, even though he was gimpy.

The weak schedule continues with games against Denver (home on Christmas Eve, ugh!) and at Oakland. Those are two more patsies the Chargers should demolish.

Then will come a home playoff game against a team from Level 2 or Level 3. That’s when we will find out if the Chargers are for real, or just another imposter.


Sam said...

It doesn't matter who the Chargers are beating. At least they are winning!

kareem said...

You make a really good point. The Chargers are beating up some weak sisters who are struggling right now. It certainly looks like none of the teams they are beating are heading toward the playoffs. Oakland and Denver surely fit that category.