Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chargers: Save antics for home field

Shawne Merriman needs to save his “Lights Out” antics for Qualcomm Stadium.

He incited the crowd last Sunday in Tennessee with his Lights Out dance each of the two times he recorded sacks.

Then, when he injured Titans quarterback Vince Young on what was probably an unintentional hit, he incited the populace even more.

If the Titans did indeed go out to injure Merriman (and they did), it was because they interpreted him as trying to shove it in their collective faces on their home field.

Next time, Shawne, save the theatrics for the home crowd that will cheer you on.

Speaking of antics, Tennessee’s LenDale White learned his lesson after scoring in the fourth quarter to put the Titans two touchdowns ahead. He first mimicked LaDainian Tomlinson, then Merriman.

Gee, I wonder if his taunting spurred the Chargers on to 20 unanswered points on their way to a 23-17 overtime win.

Lesson learned: Minimize the taunting and celebrations … and it will maximize your team’s chances of winning.


Henry said...

Why not celebrate somewhere else if your gonna win anyway?

kareem said...

If you are gonna celebrate do so at home where not only will it get you the praise you are seeking by doing the celebration it will also fire up the crowd to cheer even louder for what you have done.