Tuesday, February 5, 2008

(Game) Time is not on San Diego State's Side

The Mountain West Conference, which includes San Diego State, just couldn’t wait to get away from the crummy starting times its athletic events were receiving on networks such as ESPN.

So the conference went ahead and joined partnership with CSTV and even has its own television station, so to speak, called the mtn.

So now, those inconvenient late morning and late evening starting times are gone … or are they?

Have you noticed that the San Diego State men’s basketball team hosts the Air Force Academy at 8 pm Wednesday to accommodate the mtn. TV broadcast?

So, what ever happened to those much better weeknight starting times of 7 pm when the Aztecs were being televised by Channel 4 San Diego?

Well, not only has this wonderful deal with the mtn. made for worse starting times; it has also taken away a large majority of local viewers.

If you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to even be able to watch the games on the mtn., consider yourself in a sizeable minority.

The mtn. was supposed to solve the problem of lousy starting times … plus increase exposure for the Mountain West Conference. Let’s face it: The TV “network” has done neither.

Oh, how we long for the day of the 7 pm start (especially on weeknights) on channels that local people could actually watch.

The Aztecs on TV with a decent starting time?

Wishful thinking.

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kareem said...

What a lousy deal for local SDSU fans; worse coverage that only a few people can see and still the same bad starting times. This is not good for Aztec fans.