Thursday, February 7, 2008

Good move by Chargers!

Give credit to the Chargers, who aren’t always known for being fan friendly, for making a very fan friendly move.

The team has cancelled more than 300 season tickets due to violations of the team’s Code of Conduct for home games. These individuals will no longer be allowed to purchase tickets from the team.

Here’s the explanation in an official Chargers’ news release:

Most cases involved ticket holders who were evicted from the stadium by the San Diego Police Department and the team’s private security officials in 2006 and 2007. Violators received warning letters. The Code of Conduct, instituted in 2006, states: “Fans who demonstrate inappropriate and disruptive behavior, including the following, are subject to ejection and season ticket holders risk losing their season ticket accounts for:
Excessive consumption of alcohol
Obscene, offensive or abusive language or actions
Fighting, or otherwise dangerous, abusive or profane behavior
Unruly or inconsiderate behavior
Indecent exposure or undressing
Wearing obscene or indecent clothing
Smoking, except in designated areas
Scalping or other improper resale of tickets
Interfering with security procedures
Interfering with the progress of the game, going onto the field or throwing any object onto the field or on the stadium premises
Even if season ticket holders give away or sell their tickets to a game, the account holder is accountable for the actions of those using the tickets. Accounts can be forfeited partially or entirely for violations of the Code of Conduct.”

Good for the Chargers!

There’s nothing worse than paying top dollar for a ticket, then being forced to sit by some idiot!


kareem said...

Hurray for Chargers Manangement for putting proper behaviour before profit. I have to agree this is a classy move showing proper priorities. It is alright to yell and scream and back the Chargers completely but not to the detriment of those around you. A great move.

sam said...

Thank you, Chargers! Keep the stinkin drunks out!