Sunday, March 9, 2008

Padres counting on the old and injured

The Padres better hope the injury to new center fielder Jim Edmonds is not an omen.

Edmonds, 37, could conceivably still be on the sideline with a strained calf when the Padres open their season March 31 vs. the Houston Astros at Petco Park.

The former St. Louis Cardinal is just one of the aging and/or injury prone players the Padres are counting on in 2008.

Right fielder Brian Giles, 37, is coming off knee surgery.

No. 4 starting pitcher Randy Wolf hasn’t pitched in a regular-season game since last July due to a shoulder injury.

Three of the contenders for No. 5 starting pitcher are also dealing with 2007 injuries: Mark Prior (shoulder), Shawn Estes (Tommy John surgery) and Glendon Rusch (blood clot in lungs.)

Yes, it appears the team is banking on the unknown when it comes to battling back from injuries.

General Manager Kevin Towers told Channel 4 San Diego on Sunday that the Padres may need to go get another center fielder if Edmonds is still unhealthy in two weeks or so.

This is not a good sign for a team already hedging its 2008 season on the old and injured.

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sam said...

Hey I knew they shouldn't have got Edmonds. This team is in trouble.