Thursday, March 27, 2008

Padres-Dodgers: Meet me in September

Have you checked out the Padres 2008 schedule?

It’s totally bizarre.

The Padres open with a team from the NL Central (Houston, March 31) and close vs. a team from the same division (Pittsburgh, Sept. 28.)

When you have five teams in the NL West, somebody … in these cases the Padres … will always be playing outside of the division.

But here’s what is truly unique about the schedule: The Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers will have nine of their 18 meetings this season in September.

This could be a huge advantage for the Padres down the stretch in that they are 23-13 vs. the Dodgers in the past two seasons.

What’s odd scheduling-wise is that the teams play April 4-6 in San Diego and April 11-13 in Los Angeles, and then they don’t meet again until June 10-12 in San Diego.

After that, it’s a long time before their nine meetings in September.

If it does come down to the Dodgers and/or Padres in the NL West, at least the Southern California rivals will greatly be able to determine the division between themselves.


sam said...

Really? You're kidding me. THat is a different schedule. Maybe the Padres will keep beating the Dodgers.

kareem said...

That is certainly strange scheduling for diviional foes; no meeting from June to September but then nine games between the two. If things are not decided by then those nine games could go a long way to determining the NL West champion. Go Padres.