Monday, August 4, 2008

John Moores finally appears in San Diego!

Where is John Moores, owner of the San Diego Padres?

If you didn’t blink, you could have seen him Sunday afternoon at Petco Park.

Moores actually stopped by the box of General Manager Kevin Towers during the first couple innings of the Padres rare 4-1 win over the San Francisco Giants.

The significance?

Moores has hardly been seen in months. He didn’t even attend the 10-year celebration of the Padres 1998 National League championship team last month at Petco Park.

Obviously, the pending divorce with his wife, Becky, is weighing heavily on his mind. Becky even attended that 10-year festivity last month.

John Moores could very well be losing the team to Becky, who has hired a litigious divorce lawyer. Or more likely, the team could wind up in the hands of their daughter, Jennifer.

But at least it’s nice to know John Moores is still alive and kicking despite the divorce proceedings.

When – or if – we’ll see him at Petco Park again is another question.


sam said...

It's about time. Where has he been????

Anonymous said...

Moores ought to sell the Padres, divorce or no. He has run the team into the ground by promising to buy good players if he got a new stadium; then not following thru when he got a new stadium.

Anonymous said...

If Moores had spent 1/3 as much money on this team as he has given away, they would be a great team. But all he does is sit around and complain on how much money the team loses, go figure.

kareem said...

It sounds like the Padres owner is an absentee owner. I guess I can't blame him; if I owned a team as bad as the Padres are this year I would be tempted to stay away, also. How about taking notes from Mark Cuban? Spend some money on your team and build a better product and go and watch them play.

fathers rights san marcos said...

Sounds like divorce is on the way. Try and find one of the better divorce attorneys in San Diego. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

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