Friday, February 12, 2010

Outdoors Super Bowl on East Coast? Forget it!

You’ve seen the weather on television … or experienced it if you live in many parts of the country.

Snow storms all across the East Coast last weekend cancelled numerous sporting events. More snow has continued to pile up.

So, do you really think the 2014 Super Bowl should be played outdoors in the conditions at the new football stadium of the New York Giants and New York Jets in New Jersey?

Just think if last weekend’s Super Bowl game had been scheduled for the metropolitan New York area.

Do you think Drew Brees would have been able to complete 32 passes? Do you think Brees and Peyton Manning would’ve had such a great passing showdown?

How about Tracy Porter returning an interception in the piling snow?

Had the game been played in New Jersey, both teams would have been primarily forced to abandon the pass and go with the run.

This is not to mention what would have happened with tens of thousands of visitors in town for the Super Bowl. It’s bad enough that locals could hardly get around last weekend; what if the Super Bowl and its throngs had been in town?

The next three Super Bowls are scheduled indoors: The Jerry Jones/Dallas Cowboys palace in 2011; Indianapolis in 2012 and New Orleans in 2013.

As for an outdoor/East Coast Super Bowl in 2014: Forget it. Just take a look at the conditions of when the Super Bowl was played last weekend.

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