Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tomlinson, Westbrook losses will be felt

Which team is going to miss its star running back more?

Will it be the San Diego Chargers without LaDainian Tomlinson, or the Philadelphia Eagles without Brian Westbrook?

Without a doubt, the vote here goes to the Chargers without LT.

The problem with San Diego is that it does not have any succession planning at running back. Darren Sproles, who split time with Tomlinson last season, will likely also leave the team because it would cost the Chargers more than $7 million to keep him.

So does that mean the Chargers will try to get by with Michael Bennett, Mike Tolbert and Jacob Hester? For their sake, let’s hope not.

One thing the Chargers have in their favor is playing in an incredibly weak AFC West with Denver, Kansas City and Oakland.

The Cleveland Browns couldn’t win that division … and the Buffalo Bills might not be able to, either.

But 10 other AFC teams would certainly win the AFC West if they switched places with the Chargers. They include New England, the New York Jets, Miami, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Tennessee, Houston and Jacksonville.

As for the Eagles, they must get along without Westbrook in the always-tough NFC East with Dallas, the New York Giants and Washington.

Westbrook missed half of last season with two concussions and an ankle injury. But at least the Eagles have done some succession planning.

LeSean McCoy was being groomed to replace Westbrook in 2011; now that process will need to speed up by a year. Even so, McCoy gives the Eagles more than the Chargers will have at running back if they lose Sproles.

Ironically, Tomlinson could very well end up signing with the Eagles. Wouldn’t it be something if the Super Bowl that he never realized in San Diego became a reality in Philadelphia?


kareem said...

I hope that LT signs with someone else besides the Eagles though and makes it to the Super Bowl. With his talent even diminished like it is he could help alot of teams in the NFL.

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