Monday, June 25, 2007

Is interleague fair?

On the Padres’ radio pregame show last week, some said it was unfair that the Padres had to play the Boston Red Sox three times while the Dodgers did not have to do so.

Fair enough, until you look at the rest of interleague play.

Both the Padres and Dodgers played three games against Tampa Bay. It’s the other 12 games that were different.

The Dodgers had six games against the Anaheim Angels, arguably the best team in baseball along with Boston. They also played six against Toronto, second in the AL East.

The Padres? Besides the Boston and Tampa Bay games, they did not exactly play against the American League elite. They played six times against Seattle (second in the weak AL West) and three games against Baltimore (last in the AL East.)

Thank goodness, it’s now back to National League play as the Padres begin the week with three games at San Francisco while the Dodgers play four times at NL West-leading Arizona.

Until the Dodgers stop playing the Angels six times annually during interleague play, the Padres should not be griping about their interleague schedule.


Anonymous said...

It's too bad the Padres looked like the Bad News Bears for a couple of key moments in the second and third innings of Sunday's game. If not for those bonehead maneuvers, the Padres might have taken the series. For the three games, the Padres outscored the Red Sox 10-7 and didn't hurt the perception that the club is a legitimate National League contender.

Anonymous said...

I wish interleague play would just go away. More and more people seem to be questioning it. Maybe fairness is a factor. Let's get rid of it!

Pacific Beach

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