Friday, June 29, 2007

Peavy holding a winning hand?

Jake Peavy is turning up all aces.

Opponents’ aces, that is.

Peavy got a taste of it last Sunday when he was out-dueled by Josh Beckett of the Boston Red Sox, 4-2.

He’ll dive headfirst again when matched up Saturday night at Dodger Stadium against Brad Penny.

Beckett was 10-1 when he battled Peavy. Penny comes into Saturday with the same mark.

Of course, Peavy is no slouch at 9-2 for the Padres.

Last season, Peavy finished just 11-14 in his first go-round as staff ace. (Woody Williams, believe it or not, was the opening day starter in 2005.)

The difference in Peavy this year is that he’s healthy. He was never quite right in 2006 after overextending himself in the preseason World Baseball Classic.

If Peavy wants to be the elite in the National League … as opposed to one of the elite … a good way to start would be beating Penny, the NL starter in last year’s All-Star game.

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Anonymous said...

What a game. Great pitching. And the Padres won!