Thursday, October 11, 2007

Aztecs missed out on Tedford, Harbaugh

Jeff Tedford coaches the California Bears, ranked No. 2 in the nation by the Associated Press.

Jim Harbaugh is the first-year coach at Stanford, which pulled off arguably the Upset of the Year last weekend by beating then No. 2 USC, 24-23.

So, what do these two coaches have in common?

Among other things, both could (and should) have been named the head coach at San Diego State when their time had come.

Tedford’s time was before the 2002 season. SDSU tried to hurry the former Oregon assistant coach into a decision, causing him to withdraw from the process.

Harbaugh’s time was prior to the 2006 season.

After leading the University of San Diego to the first of two national titles for schools of its size, Harbaugh politicked for the SDSU job. The Aztecs didn’t even give him a sniff.

What do you think the Aztecs would be like now if Tedford or Harbaugh was the head coach?

It’s a question to ponder, because it will never become reality.

Instead, Chuck Long is 5-12 overall in his second season. He’ll take a 2-3 overall record (1-0 in the Mountain West Conference) into Saturday’s game at Utah.

Tedford? Harbaugh? Long?

You make the call as to which coach would have fit best at SDSU.


Utah 33, SDSU 21


sam said...

I'll take either Tedford or Harbaugh. Long hasn't cut it.

sawproducer1360 said...

Sure they missed out on Tedford & Harbaugh, but at the same time, everyone wanted the program to spend money on a big name young assistant and they have done that, so instead of whining about it, why not just accept it for what it is, now Chuck has his own players in the program, and if they get 4 wins again this year, he's gone. But you have to have some continuity in the program and just bail on guys after 3 years. Don't forget to listen to XTRA Sports 1360 for the recruiting show on next year's stars at 6pm on Wednesday!