Monday, October 8, 2007

Chargers look Super for one Sunday

Philip Rivers served as a perfect example of why the Chargers were able to demolish the Denver Broncos, 41-3, Sunday afternoon.

In a postgame interview with CBS-TV, Rivers simply pointed to his clean white jersey as to why the Chargers won so easily.

Even beforehand, commentators on the NFL Today on CBS had pointed to the Chargers’ offensive line for the team’s poor start this season.

All those questions, at least for a week, have been answered.

The inability to get the ball to LaDainian Tomlinson also has been answered … at least for a week.

Antonio Gates and Tomlinson, the team’s go-to players, accounted for all but five of the Chargers’ first 107 yards from scrimmage.

Then there was the defense. Surprise, surprise; it actually learned how to tackle.

Then there was the special teams’ play, which accounted for a touchdown on a fumble return by Brandon Siler.

Then there were the Broncos, who have lost six of eight at home (not exactly the powerhouse they once were.)

This week, Raider Nation comes to San Diego. Beat Oakland and the Chargers will be no worse than tied for first place.

That tells you how weak, and winnable, the AFC West is for anybody.

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sam said...

You bring up a good point about the afc west. The Chargers could be awful this year and still win that division. It's the worst I've seen. Better to win a bad division then to finish third in a good one.