Friday, October 5, 2007

Should Dean Spanos fire himself for nepotism?

When team president Dean Spanos wonders what’s wrong with the Chargers, all he has to do is look in the mirror.

Spanos should have learned his lesson the first time around after the 1996 season when head coach Bobby Ross and general manager Bobby Beathard were feuding.

As we know, Spanos kept Beathard, fired Ross and the Chargers suffered the next five seasons because of it until Marty Schottenheimer became head coach in 2002 and turned the team around.

Let’s fast forward to the past offseason when Spanos again kept the general manager and fired the head coach when they were feuding.

In sticking with general manager A.J. Smith over Schottenheimer, Spanos has again sent the Chargers in major reverse.

Spanos reportedly believed the last straw was when Schottenheimer wanted to hire his brother, Kurt, to be the Chargers defensive coordinator.

How dare Schottenheimer practice nepotism!

Speaking of, did you know that Spanos (who will inherit the team from his father) now has two sons working in the team’s front office?

So much for the theory that the team does not believe in nepotism!

If Schottenheimer is gone for perceived nepotism, maybe Spanos should follow his own lead and fire himself.

This week’s prediction:

Denver 28, San Diego 20

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sam said...

You make some good points. Spanos has killed this team by firing Marty; probably worse than anything A.J. has ever done.