Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Chargers can dream on

If the Chargers beat the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, consider their season a success.

If not, consider it as big of a failure as last year … even though they won a playoff game for the first time in 13 years this time.


It’s simple.

The Chargers are facing the Colts in the AFC Divisional playoffs, the same round in which they lost last season to New England, 24-21. (San Diego had a bye in the wild card round of last year’s playoffs for having the best regular season record in the AFC.)

If coach Marty Schottenheimer ultimately took the fall for losing in the divisional round last year, then losing in the same round this year would be no less of a “failure.”

The Chargers have not had a road game in the playoffs for 13 years. The last time they did so was when they won at Pittsburgh, 17-14, to advance to the 1995 Super Bowl.

That journey seemed improbable … this one appears more on the side of impossible.

In order to make this year’s Super Bowl, the Chargers would have to win at Indianapolis and (most likely) at New England. It’s only a pipe dream to think that Jacksonville and the Chargers will win this weekend then meet Jan. 20 for the AFC Championship in San Diego.

At this point, dream on!


sam said...

Give the Chargers a chance. After all, they did beat the Colts once already!

kareem said...

I must agree with you it will be very hard for the Chargers to win at Indy with the Colts getting healthy. They have so many weapons on offense and their defense has been playing alot better this year. Plus they are at home. Good luck Chargers; you are gonna need it.