Thursday, January 31, 2008

Super Bored: Watch the Game on Sunday

If you live in San Diego, let me make a bet. You probably have less interest in Super Bowl XLII than any of the previous 41 Big Games.

How can you cheer for the New England Patriots; who may be perfect in record, but are less than perfect in conduct (re: SpyGate) and knocked the Chargers out of the playoffs the last two years?

Or how can you pull for the New York Giants; led by Baby Boy Eli Manning, who snubbed the Chargers when they made him the No. 1 overall pick in the 2004 NFL draft?

Sadly, this game has about as much local appeal as dirty beaches or run-down parks.

Part of the nightmare is that this represents a New York-Boston (so to speak) match-up. And don’t we all get tired of having Yankees-Red Sox jammed down our throats 18 times a year or more when they meet in Major League Baseball?

Certainly, the average fan (and the one who only watches the Super Bowl each year) will be tuned in Sunday. Some of the less knowledgeable fans wouldn’t know the difference between Tom Brady and Tom Seaver.

So even if you can’t stand either team (which most San Diegans can’t), there is a bright side to all of this: Lifelong San Diego County resident Junior Seau could be walking off with his first Super Bowl championship ring as a member of the Patriots.

It would be a nice way for him to retire.


New England 27, New York Giants 17


kareem said...

It must be a painful thing for any self respecting Charger fan to root for either team on Sunday. Although I may have a solution which might allow Charger fans to root for the Giants. Baby boy Eli Manning is hurt on the first play from scrimmage; nothing major just enough to put him out of the game and double XX size Jared Lorenzen formerly from the Univ of Kentucky comes on and leads the Giants to victory. No perfect season and no heroics from baby boy Eli.

sam said...

Yeah, I'm bored.