Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chargers following Colts' championship path?

Will the Chargers be the next Indianapolis Colts; the team that comes close for so many years before finally winning a Super Bowl?

Chargers’ faithful can only hope so after Sunday’s 21-12 loss to the New England Patriots for the AFC Championship.

If you’re disappointed by the Chargers losing to the New York Jets in the 2004 Wild Card round, the Patriots in the 2006 AFC Divisional round and New England in this season’s championship; then take heart by what the Colts suffered through.

Indianapolis concluded the 2002 season with a 41-0 wild card loss to the New York Jets. It lost to New England in both the 2003 AFC Championship and 2004 AFC Divisional round, then fell to Pittsburgh in the 2005 AFC Divisionals.

So, the next season, the Colts finally won the Super Bow after four straight years of playoff disappointment.

Can the Chargers be next?

It says here they can; but they question is whether they will follow in the footsteps of Indianapolis.

Certainly, it could have been a different story if LaDainian Tomlinson touched the ball more than three times because of injury in this year’s AFC Championship.

It also could have been different if quarterback Philip Rivers and tight end Antonio Gates did not come into the game so beaten up.

But "what if’s" can be asked be anyone.

What if QB Vince Young had been 100 percent healthy and two of his top three receivers had not missed this year’s Wild Card game for Tennessee vs. the Chargers?

What if Marvin Harrison had not been so rusty from injury that he had not fumbled against the Chargers last week when Indianapolis appeared headed to a 14-0 lead?

These questions will never be answered anymore than what would have happened if the Chargers had been at full strength vs. New England.

There’s always next year; a refrain Colts’ fans got tired of hearing until last season.

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kareem said...

There are some definite similarities between the Chargers and the Colts. It would be so great if the Chargers could break through and win the Super Bowl like the Colts did after so many years of being stymied through the playoffs. The good news is they have had shots to go to the Super Bowl recently; the bad news, they have only been to one and did not win it. Wait till next year Charger fans.