Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Manny Ramirez sure energizes the Dodgers!

Does Manny Ramirez energize the Los Angeles Dodgers, or what?

His 12 home runs and 36 RBIs in 37 games as a Dodger speak volumes.

But what he’s injected into younger players … specifically Andre Ethier … may be even more impressive than Manny’s personal numbers.

What has Ethier accomplished in the 12 games he’s been batting in front of Manny?

How about hitting .500 with eight doubles, two triples, 14 RBIs, nine walks and 15 runs scored …

Hall of Fame announcer Vin Scully put it quite succinctly on the most recent Dodgers telecast. He noted than when Ethier was asked why he was so hot, the answer was one word/name: “Manny.”

(Sorry, our apologies go out to Jeff Kent for such a statement!)

Manny is rubbing off on Ethier in other ways. For instance, Ethier was spotted in the Dodger dugout during their most recent victory wearing a Manny wig.

The Dodgers are having fun … Manny is leading the way.

It could be a tough combination to beat in October from a team that may win its division with barely a .500 record.


Anonymous said...

The Dodgers are looking great against bad teams. I don't think they will go very far against better competition in the playoffs. Manny may be great in LA but it's too bad he had to be a poison in Boston to get there.

kareem said...

Despite what Jeff Kent may
think, hitting in front of Manny gives that batter better pitches to look at. Jeff Kent's average and production went up when he had Manny to back him up and it is good to know that one of the game's best up and coming young players acknowledges what hitting in front of Manny has done for him. Kudos to Andre Either for being a realist; not like an ego maniac like Jeff Kent.