Thursday, September 18, 2008

Will Trevor Hoffman make Hall of Fame?

Is Trevor Hoffman destined for the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Apparently, a lot of people in Los Angeles don’t think so.

During a Los Angeles Dodgers telecast on KCAL Channel 9 recently, viewers were asked whether they believed the Padres’ closer would make the Hall of Fame.

The responses:

Never: 38%
Eventually: 36%
First ballot: 26%

Even Hall of Fame announcer Vin Scully said on the air that he was surprised by the low support for Hoffman.

After all, Hoffman is the all-time saves leader with 552. (But the man he passed, Lee Smith, still isn’t in the Hall of Fame.)

Normally, we could blame the oversight on Hoffman due to East Coast bias. But these were West Coast fans in the Los Angeles area.

It kind of makes you wonder just when ... or if ... Hoffman will get his due respect in the Hall of Fame.


kareem said...

If a closer like Gossage who deserved his spot in the Hall of Fame gets in, you have to think that sooner or later Hoffman will get into the Hall. Of course, saves were different when Gossage did it than now. But you have to think if they are going to have any closers in Hall,you have to include the one with the most saves.

rick said...

Hoffman is definitely in an era when saves comes much easier. Even so, he should still be in the Hall of Fame. He's been the best at what he has done over the past 12-15 years or so ....... that should be rewarded.