Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mountain West is great ... minus S.D. State!

Jesse Palmer sure got it right during "College Football Live" on ESPN-TV this week.

Palmer said that the Mountain West Conference is clearly better than the Big East or Atlantic Coast conferences so far this season.

That being said, why do the Big East and ACC have automatic bids into the Bowl Championship Series ... but not the Mountain West?

Thus far, the Mountain West is 5-0 vs. the Pac-10. And if you think it has been weaklings of the Pac-10 vs. the best of the Mountain West, think again:

UNLV, which was picked to finish last in the Mountain West, beat No. 15 Arizona State in overtime last week.

BYU won 59-0 over a UCLA team that had upset Tennessee in its first game.

New Mexico, expected to be a middle-of-the-road team, downed Arizona.

TCU beat the same Stanford team that had upset Oregon State two weeks previous.

There is an exception in the Mountain West. It’s San Diego State (0-3), whose losses have included Cal Poly and San Jose State.

If SDSU one day drops football and leaves the Mountain West, the conference would be better off for it in football.

SDSU aside, the Mountain West certainly deserves to be there during the BCS competition this season!


Anonymous said...

So what if Mtn. West is 5-0 vs. the Pac 10. Has it played USC yet?

kareem said...

The Mountain West certainly is strong this year and had a great weekend this last weekend. BYU totally dominated UCLA and UNLV beating ranked Ariz St was a big feather in the cap for the league. But poor SDSU getting clobbered by San Jose State is not good; but remember they gave Notre Dame a run for their money for a while in that game.