Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Colorado Rockies enjoying Rocky Mountain High

Don’t look now, but the Colorado Rockies are making it appear as if it’s 2007 all over again.

You remember those Rockies? The team that won 21 of 22 games to make it to the World Series, only to be swept by the Boston Red Sox?

Well, these Rockies of 2009 are looking like another miracle team.

How many people thought Colorado had a chance when it trailed the Los Angeles Dodgers by 15 ½ games on June 3?

But how many of those people now think the Rockies don’t have a chance as they are only two games behind the Dodgers in the NL West?

The Rockies have certainly made their impression with a three-game sweep of the San Francisco Giants and last night’s win vs. the Dodgers.

Suddenly, it appears as though they are the best team in a very competitive three-team race in the NL West.

And to think the Dodgers were supposed to be unbeatable after Manny Ramirez returned from his 50-game drug suspension July 3.

Problem is, somebody forgot to tell the suddenly resurgent Rockies!

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kareem said...

It sure looks like the Rockies are going to make a run at the NL West after everyone including this writer had already written them off and given the division to the Dodgers. Now, suddenly they have a chance to make a race of it after falling back to three games after last night's loss. It seems as if Jim Tracy becoming manager at Colorado made a difference. Refresh my memory but did he not manage another team in the NL West at one time; a team calling LA home. How about those Dodgers?