Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael Vick deserves second chance ... barely!

Michael Vick is a disgrace, scumbag and anything else you want to call him.

That being said, he deserves the second chance he is being given by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Vick has served his 23 months in prison for leading a dog-fighting ring. He’ll also be sidelined up to six games this NFL season as further punishment.

Some will say he can never be punished enough.

I’m willing to give him another chance, with a 2-inch rope to hang himself if he screws up again.

After all, he has taken his legal punishment. And think of how many other people with lesser profiles have been given second chances.

If there is even an indication Vick is involved in dog-fighting rings or any other poor behavior, the NFL should tell him “goodbye.”

The biggest reason he should be given a second chance is his mentor, former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy.

If there were more Tony Dungys in today’s society with strong Christian morals and a lifestyle to back it up … just think of how much better off our country would be.

Hey, O.J. Simpson was given a second chance (and even didn’t go to prison) after killing his wife. Thank goodness, he’s finally in prison where he belongs.

Give Vick a second chance. If he stumbles, put him right next to O.J.


Anonymous said...

Don't know about second chances. The guy is a murderer & animals are beings.

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