Monday, August 3, 2009

Jury will long be out on Jake Peavy trade

Just because Clayton Richard pitched 5 2/3 solid innings Saturday night, it doesn’t mean the San Diego Padres made a great trade in getting rid of Jake Peavy.

On the other hand, perhaps the multitudes shouldn’t jump to conclusions by calling it a bad trade yet for the Padres.

If Peavy can help lead the Chicago White Sox to the playoffs this year, it’s certainly a good immediate trade for them.

But remember, Peavy practiced off the mound for the first time in nearly two months Sunday because of his ankle injury. It may be September until he can help the Chisox; if it all.

And if Peavy does pitch in the postseason, his small sample says he might not do so well.

In two division series games, Peavy is 0-2 with a 12.10 ERA. In addition, he gave up six runs on 10 hits in 6 1-3 innings during a one-game playoff for the National League wild card in 2007 vs. the Colorado Rockies.

As for the pitchers the Padres received from Chicago:

Richard was in the White Sox rotation and will continue to be a regular (and the only left-hander) in San Diego’s rotation.

Aaron Poreda, another southpaw, has been projected as a No. 2 starter by some among the MLB Network family and should join the Padres soon.

Minor-league right-handers Adam Russell and Dexter Carter both have potential … whatever that means.

Sure, this was another money dump for San Diego, which owed Peavy close to $55 million. But this might not have reached the fire sale stage yet of the 1993 Padres. (Hey, Heath Bell and Adrian Gonzalez are still in San Diego … for now.)

Is there another Peavy in this group? Doubtful.

But when the Padres drafted Peavy in the 15th round in 1999, who knew he would turn out to be the superstar (on those occasions when he’s healthy) that he has been?


kareem said...

It will certainly be interesting to see how the prospects the Padres got in the Peavy trade turn out in the future. For now Richard takes up a spot in the starting rotation that Peavy was unable to fill due to injury and the other southpaw as you said should be coming up soon. In the Major Leagues you can never have too many left handed pitchers -- just ask anyone.

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