Friday, November 20, 2009

Norv Turner: Best coach in Chargers history?????

The San Diego Chargers have dutifully noted in a press release that current coach Norv Turner has the all-time highest winning percentage in team history.

So, this makes Turner the best coach in the team’s 50-year history?

Not so fast!

Perhaps a better way to judge a coach would be to consider where the team was when he took over … and what it accomplished thereafter.

On that basis, he certainly doesn’t compare to a couple of Chargers coaches over the past generation.

In the 46 games (including playoffs) before Turner took over in 2007, the Chargers were 34-12. Since the current coach took charge, the team is 28-18.

Bobby Ross compiled a 50-36 record from 1992-96. In the 86 games before Ross, the Chargers were 22-64.

Marty Schottenheimer was 47-35 as head coach from 2002-06. In the 82 games before him, the Chargers went 24-58.

All told, Ross and Schottenheimer both doubled the winning percentage during their tenure. In contrast, the winning percentage has dropped 20% under Turner.

The Chargers beam over the fact that Turner has such a significant overall winning percentage. But when all things are considered, Ross and Schottenheimer did a much better job of taking the team from where it was to a much higher level.

Sunday Prediction:
Chargers 24, Denver Broncos 21

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sam said...

Norv is over-rated. He's only winning because he has a great/talented team. If Marty had stayed, this team would be better off.