Sunday, November 15, 2009

Norv Turner looks like a head coaching genius

Norv Turner looked like a head coaching genius Sunday in comparison to supposed geniuses Bill Belichick and Andy Reid.

Belichick’s going for it on a fourth-and-2 at his own 28 late in the fourth quarter handed the Indianapolis Colts a last-minute TD and 35-34 win over the New England Patriots.

If not for Belichick, Reid would have been the dumbest coach in the NFL over the weekend.

Turner, often criticized for not being a good head coach, had a solid game plan in the San Diego Chargers’ 31-23 win over Reid’s Philadelphia Eagles.

Reid? He could have used a little help.

First of all, down by 19 points early in the fourth quarter, he went for an extra point after a TD.

Any mathematician could tell you that the Eagles needed two TDs, a pair of TWO-point conversions and a field goal to make up 19 points.

Then, on a fourth-and-4 while down by 12 points in the same quarter, he had to take a timeout to decide whether to go for or kick a field goal.

Duh? A field goal brings you within nine points, but you still need two more scores if you are only within 9.

Worst of all was his team’s play-calling. Each time the Eagles needed one yard for a first down or touchdown, their offense was motionless. It resulted in three field goals in the red zone; one coming after first-and-goal at the 1.

Few people will ever call Norv Turner a head coaching genius. But he sure was able to outshine Belichick and Reid on this particular weekend.

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