Monday, November 30, 2009

Super Bowl: Cowboys vs. Chargers?

When you are known as “America’s Team” and are flying under the radar, that’s very unusual.

When you have won your division three straight seasons, are on a current six-game winning streak and still flying under the radar; that’s also unusual.

Given those circumstances, could the Dallas Cowboys and San Diego Chargers fly under the radar all the way to the Super Bowl?


The Cowboys (8-3) certainly are not drawing attention as much as New Orleans (10-0) or Minnesota (10-1) in the NFC.

In the AFC, San Diego (8-3) doesn’t get mentioned nearly as often as Indianapolis (11-0), New England (7-3) or even upstart Cincinnati (8-3).

Of the two, the Cowboys likely will have it rougher down the stretch than the Chargers.

Dallas is just 5-8 with Tony Romo as a starter in December, while the Chargers are 41-5 down the stretch since 2004.

Romo seems to have latched on to Miles Austin as his favorite receiver, something the QB could not have done last season while Terrell Owens was demanding all the attention.

In San Diego, Philip Rivers has quietly averaged more points per game than any starting QB in NFL history, according to CBS-TV.

Rivers has found Antonio Gates, Vincent Jackson and Malcom Floyd all to be his favorite receivers … depending on the week and opponent.

Cowboys vs. Chargers in the Super Bowl? Don’t discount the possibility.


gooseneck said...

No way. Niether team has beaten anybody worth talking about, and have lost games they should have won.

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