Monday, May 7, 2007

Atlanta's Cox a loser?

Bobby Cox is a loser.

The Atlanta Braves’ manager, who leads his team into a four-game series tonight against the Padres, simply can’t win in the postseason.

He’s been to the playoffs 14 times. He has just one World Series title and has lost four times in the Series.

Want me to take my tongue out of my cheek now?
Calling Cox a loser is similar to all the San Diego fans who referred to Marty Schottenheimer as a loser when he coached the Chargers.

Schottenheimer has never won ... or been to ... the Super Bowl in 13 postseason appearances. His history is to turn around rotten teams and lose in the playoffs; which is exactly what he did with the Chargers.

Schottenheimer has a .613 career winning percentage, compared to Cox’s .563 mark. Cox has been cited for spousal abuse before; Schottenheimer hasn’t.

The next time anyone in San Diego talks about Schottenheimer being a loser, then just think of the loser the Atlanta Braves have in Cox.

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Anonymous said...

I like your point on Bobby Cox and Schottenheimer. Cox is considered one of the best managers of all time and a sure fire hall of famer and Schottenheimer has a better winning percentage.

Duncanville, TX