Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fabiani, be quiet!

Mark Fabiani, learn when to keep your mouth shut.

You always talk about how San Diego City Manager Mike Aguirre opens his mouth too much. Well, do yourself a favor and take a look in the mirror.

As spin doctor for the Chargers, you made the following statement when National City bowed out last week as a potential site for a new Chargers’ stadium:

“National City found out the same thing we've been finding out for five years – it's difficult to get the city of San Diego and other partners to engage in a meaningful issue,” you told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Mr. Fabiani, let me remind you of a couple “meaningful issues.” San Diego police officers just received their first raise in three years. Firefighters were denied a raise for the third straight year.

Yes, the city of San Diego has some serious financial problems that were created long before the current city council took office. Subsidizing a football team of millionaires owned by a near-billionaire just isn’t a priority.

If your house is ever on fire or you need police help, let’s just hope the police and firefighters don’t treat you with the same disdain that you demonstrate toward them.

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