Thursday, May 24, 2007

Padres hand Cubs another one-run loss

If you can’t appreciate Trevor Hoffman and his Major League Baseball record of 495 saves, consider what it might be like on the other end.

The Chicago Cubs are just 2-10 in one-run games after losing to Hoffman and the San Diego Padres, 2-1, Wednesday night.

Cubs Manager Lou Piniella is obviously tired of watching his team blow close games with lack of clutch hitting and pitching.

“We talk about it way too often,” Piniella said. “I really, really get tired of it. It’s hard explaining it all the time. I really wish you all could sit back here (answering postgame questions) and I could write.

“It just happens too many times. We just leave them on. We’ve got chances to do things with baseball games. We just don’t.

“We’re second in the league in hitting and we’re (2-10) in one-run games. That just really doesn’t add up, does it? No, it really doesn’t.”

But Lou, what do you really think?

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