Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Can the Padres step it up?

The Padres have shown the ability to beat poor teams. But can they defeat the good ones?

We should find out this week as they host the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers for three games apiece at Petco Park.

The Padres are 9-0 in series this season against teams currently standing in the bottom two spots of their division. They are 0-3 in series against teams in first- and second-place.

Since Milwaukee leads the NL Central and Chicago is in a virtual tie for second with Houston, this will be a week for the Padres to prove themselves.

San Diego is 4-2 against San Francisco and Colorado; as well as being 2-1 vs. St. Louis, Cincinnati, Florida, Washington and Seattle. Those teams are all within the last two places of their respective divisions.

However, the Padres are just 2-4 against the NL West leading Dodgers, and 1-3 vs. second-place Atlanta of the NL East.

If the Padres are ever going to start beating top-quality teams, this week would be a good time to start.

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