Thursday, July 12, 2007

American League Least is no beast

Sure, you’re going to be hearing Yankees-Red Sox all summer on network television stations such as Fox and ESPN.

You know what?

They are both in the American League Least, the only division with just one team having a winning record at the All-Star break.

OK, so the team is the Boston Red Sox; but give us a break. Let’s not go on and on about the AL Least until the playoffs.

This is the first time since divisions were created in 1969 that the AL Least went into the All-Star break with only one team possessing a winning record.

At the 1976 and 1989 All-Star breaks, the division had one team over .500 and one at .500.

My, how times have changed in 2007.

It couldn’t have happened to a better division.

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New Yorker said...

Get over it. The Yankees are Sox are still the best show in baseball or sports,