Friday, July 6, 2007

Padres aren't drawing any aces

Sometimes, good fortune can be way beyond your control in baseball.

Take the pitchers you face in a series, for instance.

If you’re playing the Florida Marlins, you don’t want to face Dontrelle Willis. If you are matched up against the Atlanta Braves, the last pitchers you want to bat against are John Smoltz and Tim Hudson.

The Padres just finished playing four games against Florida and now host Atlanta in a three-game weekend series.

They will end the week without having faced Willis, Smoltz or Hudson.

Talk about good fortune.

The Dodgers are playing the same teams this week. They did face Smoltz and Hudson earlier this week, and Willis pitches against them tonight.

For one week, at least, the Padres have nothing to complain about in their luck versus that of the Dodgers concerning things you can’t control.

But there is a flip side. The Padres have such an anemic offense that they make every pitcher look like Willis, Smoltz or Hudson at their best.

That has to change … or else it’s really going to get bad when the Padres are matched up against opponents’ aces again.


sam said said...

are you a dodger fan, or what?

Rich said...

Does it matter whose pitching against the Padres. They can't hit, no matter what.

Dan said...

The Padres scored 8 runs today. Hope someone was paying attention. If they do this more they could go a long ways.