Monday, July 30, 2007

Will Chargers follow patterns in 2007?

If you read the San Diego Union-Tribune, two conclusions can be drawn about the Chargers:

They have won an NFL-high 35 regular-season games the past three seasons because A.J. Smith is such a great general manager.

They are 0-2 in the playoffs during that time because Marty Schottenheimer is a horrible head coach.

So, enter Norv Turner as head coach in 2007.

This is the same Turner who is 58-82-1 as a head coach; the same guy whose offenses have ranked 13th or lower in NFL scoring during seven of his nine years as a head coach.

Schottenheimer came to the Chargers with a reputation of being a great regular-season coach without the ability to win in the playoffs. He lived up to his reputation with 47 regular-season wins in five San Diego seasons; more than doubling the team’s win total over the previous five years.

Turner has the reputation as a superb offensive coordinator who can’t motivate as a head coach. Jerry Rice, the greatest receiver in NFL history, took Turner to task during his two seasons with the Raiders for an inability to motivate.

Schottenheimer lived up to his billing in San Diego as an outstanding regular season and poor postseason coach.

If Turner follows his coaching pattern, the Chargers will not even make the playoffs this year.

Stay tuned ...


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erik said...

you really think the chargers won't make the playoffs. be real. they will win the super bowl.