Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hampson is Padres' unsung hero

Without a doubt, Justin Hampson is the unsung hero of the Padres.

For the third time this season, Hampson bailed the Padres out of a desperate situation in last night’s 5-3 win at Colorado.

After Chris Young left with a strained oblique muscle before the third inning, Hampson came on to pitch 3 2/3 shutout innings.

It was the continuation of a trend whereby Hampson has been the go-to guy whenever the Padres needed someone the most.

Remember the June 16 game at Chicago when Young was ejected for an altercation with Derrek Lee? Hampson was summoned to pitch 3 1/3 innings of shutout relief.

Or how about the April 29 game when the Padres and Dodgers went 17 innings? Hampson allowed just one unearned run over the last four innings … and probably would have pitched all night if the Padres asked him to do so.

The Padres better not send Hampson back to the minor leagues again. He’s too valuable in those grunt roles that nobody else on this team seems willing … or able … to fill.


erik said...

Without Linebrink, maybe Hampson will pitch the 8th. I don't think Heath Bell can cut it.

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