Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Are you tired of Boston fans yet?

Remember back when we were all feeling so sorry for Boston Red Sox fans until their team won the World Series in 2004?

Well, four years later, aren’t you tired of hearing about Boston fans?

Sure, their Celtics won their 17th NBA championship last night. The Red Sox have won two World Series in four years and the Patriots have three titles this millennium.

Frankly, the Boston faithful were much more lovable when their teams were losing.

Who can remember that the Celtics went 22 years before winning their latest title? Or the Red Sox going 86 years between championships? Or the Patriots losing to the Chargers, 51-10, in the 1963 American Football League championship game?

The New Englanders woke up today with one more title; which very well may be one more than San Diego earns in the entire 21st century.

Even so, the New England area is likely in for another miserable, muggy summer. San Diego’s hottest days would be pleasures on the East Coast during the summer.

Boston has the titles; San Diego has the weather. Advantage, living in San Diego.


mr. boston said...

Your just jealous of our teams. You guys suck!

darrell said...

Mr. Boston,

At least we can spell out here!

Anonymous said...

Boston once called themselves "cursed" years ago. Thats B.S. You dont know "cursed" unless you've witnessed Charger and Padre misery.