Thursday, June 12, 2008

U.S. Open brings out frontrunners

Did you know the U.S. Open is in San Diego this week, lol?

It’s amazing how everybody, especially the media, comes out of the woodwork for this.

On TV, you see people who don’t know a birdie from a bogey all of a sudden become golf “experts.” Ditto for radio and newspaper divisions.

There is one refreshing thing about having the U.S. Open in town, even if it does bring out the frontrunners who don’t know Sergio Garcia from Sergio Mendes: Golf has replaced the police blotter as the lead story in town.

That’s very refreshing in these days of television sensationalism.

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teddy said...

San Diego is getting alot of good national publicity out of this. I just wish some of the local media would back off. They think they're national celebrities & they're not!!!