Monday, June 30, 2008

Padres have thrown in the towel

You think things can’t get any worse than the Padres?

Well, maybe they can.

This pathetic team has to play 45 of its last 79 games on the road, which may sound like a good thing after losing eight straight at home.

Then you consider the Padres are 11-25 on the road and start to wonder if they might be better off playing on neutral sites.

Let’s look at a couple of the bad numbers for a second:

Not only have the Padres lost eight straight on a homestand for the first time in 24 years, they also are second-worst than in more than a decade midway through the season.

Consider the team’s record the past 11 years when suffering its 50th loss:
1998: 90-50
1999: 49-50
2000: 39-50
2001: 44-50
2002: 34-50
2003: 23-50
2004: 58-50
2005: 50-50
2006: 55-50
2007: 56-50
2008: 32-50

Since CEO Sandy Alderson won’t fire himself, he may as well start by trading veterans such as Greg Maddux, Brian Giles and Randy Wolf for something.

As for 2008, the Chargers can’t start soon enough!


kareem said...

It sure sounds like the Padres are struggling big time. It is going to be a long season no doubt about it.

tex said...

Those poor Padres; who do they think they are the Texas Rangers of previous years yeah like last year? It is surely time for Maddux to go back to the Cubs and why not let Brian Giles have something besides a pay check to play for at this stage of his career and Wolf would defintely win some more games with a better club; no doubt about it.