Sunday, June 15, 2008

Greg Maddux: At a loss for decisions

It took Greg Maddux five starts to go from career win No. 349 to No. 350.

In six starts since, he has gone from No. 350 to stuck on No. 350.

Just call him Mr. No-Decision of the Padres ... until Sunday’s 7-3 loss at Cleveland, that is.

Maddux had five straight no-decisions until Sunday, joining a list of frustrated pitchers who had quite a string of consecutive no-decision starts in 2008:

Shawn Chacon, Houston, 9
Adam Eaton, Philadelphia, 6
Scott Baker, Minnesota, 5
Kason Gabbard, Texas, 5
Shawn Hill, Washington, 5
Maddux, 5

Thus far, Maddux is just 3-5 with a 3.31 ERA.

He’s rarely more than a 5 or 6 inning pitcher nowadays, so it doesn’t help that the bullpen always seems to collapse behind him.

Maddux is one of the best decision-makers on the mound; too bad he can’t get a winning decision nowadays.

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kareem said...

It is a shame that Maddux can't get a win as he has a decent ERA and still is a gamer. But between not much offensive help and a woeful bullpen victories will be hard to come by this year.