Monday, November 17, 2008

Chargers: Biggest flops in the NFL!

Which team is the most disappointing in the NFL?

Without a doubt, it’s the Chargers.

Here’s a team in the weakest AFC division by far that came into the season with Super Bowl expectations.

And here’s a team that finds itself two games behind the resurgent Denver Broncos with six to play.

So what is happening?

Where do you start …?

It’s almost inhumane to pick on head coach Norv Turner because his ineffectiveness as a leader is more than well documented.

The stubbornness of General Manager A. J. Smith has … and will continue … to drive successful players and coaches away from the team.

Then there’s the immediate:

This team has not recorded a turnover in 17 quarters … or more than four games.

The inept offense totaled 213 yards against Pittsburgh; or 197 fewer yards than the Steelers.

Pittsburgh had 110 more penalty yards than the Chargers; so much for the theory that the officials are against the Chargers.

Then there’s the defense that has allowed the opposition to score four times on its final drive in pressure situations. Three amounted to losses; the other to a one-point win vs. undermanned Kansas City.

Where this stops, nobody knows. Where it should start is with the dismissal of the egotistical Smith and the underachieving Turner.


kareem said...

The Chargers are the most disappointing team in the NFL. If you are a Lions fan or Bengals fan you went into this season expecting your team to have a bad year but the Chargers were supposed to be Super Bowl contenders. What happened on the way to the game? LT can't run like he used to, the defense has not forced a turnover as was pointed out in your article and the defense can't stop anyone. Bad decisions by management to not keep key players has hurt this team -- management must go. Good bye Smith and Norv; you are a good coordinator but you have never been a good head coach.

sam said...

I see now where LT doesn't even think the Chargers have much chance of the playoffs. What a horrible season. I thought this team was spose to win the Super Bowl?